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Use Video Marketing to Increase Your Leads
Receive our DIY Pre-Production Video Toolbox Email Series

The traditional video marketing playbook is broken.

This video marketing toolBOX contains:

  • EMAIL 1: Video content questionnaire – This questionnaire gives the structure of the business value your video will deliver. What part of your business needs to bring more value? How much money does this area make? How many do you sell? How can a video help you sell more? All of those questions will be answered here.

  • EMAIL 2: Creative brief – Here you will describe your reason for creating a video. You will determine your target audience and your key insights for your communications. You should be able to hand this brief it to any creative person and they would have a good idea of the assignment they have to tackle.

  • EMAIL 3: Treatment outline – The treatment outline will boil everything down to the key messages of the video. What absolutely must be communicated for this to be a successful project?

  • EMAIL 4: Step outline – Once we have the key messages, we will want to determine the story arc. What story are we going to tell? How are we going to tell it? What do we need to show? Where will it take place?

  • EMAIL 5: 2-minute video script template – This template will help you create a video script. You will want to start with the audio, and once you have that nailed down you can move onto the visuals. 

Get our DIY toolbox to jumpstart your video marketing


A smooth pre-production process gets you from an idea to an outline to script/s for your 3d videos.

Our story begins with your story.

To get started, we have a DIY Pre-Production Toolkit that you can work through on your own time. This is FREE and will help you visualize your story more easily.

After you work through your toolkit, you can contact us for your pre-blueprint call. We will discuss your needs and move forward so that your videos can sell for you while you sleep.